Hello from the Other Side (By Matt)

A three day walk through the jungles of Papua New Guinea was now the only way out. After 40 hours of travel to Kudjip Hospital in Papua New Guinea we were sent for 8 days of “cultural orientation” by plane with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) to Dusin, PNG.


In Philly with all of our luggage.
Super-Dad while Subpar-Mom has a seat alone across the aisle.
Ready to fly over the Pacific!
First glimpse of PNG!


Dusin is a small, remote village in the bush (jungle) of PNG. Without cell phones, internet, or anyone who spoke fluent English, we learned about the PNG way of life. We met an amazing group of people who relied on the land and each other for survival. We were able to learn much about PNG food, language, and faith through our time in Dusin. Below is a short video of our orientation week.



We are currently settling into our new life here at Kudjip Hospital. The next couple of weeks will be filled with further language training for Tammy and I, homeschooling for the kids, and getting to know the people and landscape in this amazing place we now call home where God has called us.

9 thoughts on “Hello from the Other Side (By Matt)

  1. It’s the start of the last week of November 2017. Sunday, getting ready to worship! Thankful that this blog arrived today and that you are all well. It is good to see your faces. Our God is marvelous! You are daily in my prayers. Love you guys.


  2. So Glad to see you have made it safely!! You all have been in my Prayers on a daily basis!! and will be continually! May God Bless You and watch over you, protect you every day! and guide you in his ways! Amen!


  3. Jeff and I are so glad to hear from you and your family! Continued prayers for you all! Thank you for the work you are about to embark on.


  4. Hi Dr. Woodley! UPMC Kane ER misses you, but we’re all glad to see that you and your family are settling in! Have a Very Merry Christmas!!


  5. Hello Woodley’s!
    Getting ready for another day at church. Thinking about you and excited about how God is working in PNG.
    If possible could you update us about Dr. Erin? This will help us in our prayers for her. Mary and I love you. Thank you for serving faithfully. Doug


  6. email t me as I need t have s0me past history f the establishment f the Dusin and people 0f Mddle Ramu District…. Francis Wisam


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