Goodbye America!

This afternoon, we will be heading for Kudjip Hospital in Papua New Guinea. We will be traveling a total of 40 hours on four different flights, before a short drive to Kudjip.

Map Jpeg (1)

Our time in PNG will begin with a cultural orientation. A little over a day after we arrive, we will be flown on a small plane to live in a remote village for 8 days. While this sounds a little challenging, we are excited to finally meet and live amongst the people we have been learning about for quite some time. Orientation is followed by 2-3 weeks of language training before I start in the hospital. Tammy is looking forward to settling into a normal routine with the kids after months of transition.

Tammy and I have been blessed with so many people partnering with us to get to this point. I sometimes feel that we don’t deserve all of the support we have received. So many people have given of their finances, time, prayers, and skills.

Kudjip Hospital is doing amazing things medically and spiritually in an area of Papua New Guinea where it is so needed. I am excited to learn from the experienced doctors and missionaries at Kudjip. Someday I hope the dividends in support will be paid off in not only the temporal medical and educational benefits we assist in providing, but also the eternal spiritual impact God makes on individuals’ lives in PNG and the US.

We look forward to updating you in a few weeks after returning from orientation!

3 thoughts on “Goodbye America!

  1. You will love the people there. We went on a Work and Witness trip there 16 months ago. Still think of them everyday. Oh, never believe anyone who days “it’s just over there, a short walk” 😉 Safe travels.


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