Bush Christmas

For me, Christmastime is synonymous with cold weather, extended family gatherings, candlelight Christmas Eve services, and annoying Christmas songs that get stuck in your head.

This Sunday our family, along with the MK teachers and a volunteer doctor, had the opportunity to go up into the mountains to celebrate Christmas with Sengen Nazarene Church. It was a day filled with muddy roads, a beautiful hike, and a packed church in the bush filled with the Spirit of God.



We started out on some pretty rough roads up the mountain.



Then had a beautiful hike through the bush.
“Storying” with the mamas before church.

After a great program by Sengen Naz, Tammy and the kids performed a hilarious and relevant skit.
I tried to keep things going by using the smallest person in the room to relate how vulnerable Jesus was, and she didn’t even cry! (Illustration stolen from my father).


The people of Sengen made an amazing meal for all of us to eat together after the service.

While this Christmas is quite different from what I am used to in America; celebrating the birth of our Savior in this context has certainly brought a new meaning to me. It is amazing how the God of the universe becoming man can be so relevant for people from so many different backgrounds. While we miss our family and our Christmas traditions, we are embracing making new traditions with our PNG family in our new home.

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