Prayer Requests

October 2019

*Pray for R. She came to Kudjip at 19 weeks pregnant with her first baby. After an ultrasound, I found the cause of her bleeding to be placenta previa (her placenta was blocking the baby from getting out). Two days after admission, her water broke and she started bleeding heavily. I performed a C-section to save her life with the knowledge that the baby would die. She was discharged last week doing well physically, but grieving the loss of her child. Pray that she will have comfort knowing her baby is with Jesus and pray that she will continue to improve physically.

*Pray for us as we head to Thailand at the end of October. We will be attending the Asia-Pacific Regional Conference for the Church of the Nazarene along with church leaders.

*Pray for the people of Papua New Guinea. Pray for the people we have already met and the ones we have yet to meet. Pray that we will be receptive to God’s leading as we form relationships and interact with both nationals and missionaries.