Prayer Requests

June 2018

*Polio has been reported in 3 nearby provinces in Papua New Guinea which was declared Polio free 18 years ago. Pray that this outbreak is now well contained and not just the tip of the iceberg that some fear.

*Praise! Many boxes of craft supplies for our kids’ church program are either en route or have already made it to our home! A huge thank you to those of you who shipped supplies! Last week the kids were so excited just to color a picture with crayons and markers. The coloring page we gave them was of a snail with Psalm 27: 14 written beside it. I was later told that another young person who did not attend the service saw one of these pictures and asked a little girl if he could have hers because he was going through a tough time and the verse on the picture held a lot of meaning and encouragement for him. Please continue to pray for our local kids, that God will continue to work in and through them.

*Last month I mentioned the numerous building projects taking place on station. These projects are providing employment for over 100 local nationals currently. Over the course of this 3-year project, it is expected that over 500 workers will be employed. This month, the workers were invited to attend a retreat. 91 men came to the altar at the end of this retreat, 43 making a first-time commitment to follow Jesus and 48 others recommitted their faith! It is so exciting to be a part of this community where God is changing lives through so many vastly different avenues. Please pray for these men as they make changes in their daily lives to follow through with their commitment to live for Him.

*Pray for our family as we travel next month. We have plans to take a mini-vacation to the coast. This will be the first time that our family will leave station for more than two days…and the first time that we will be completely on our own in seven months! Pray for safety as we travel. Pray that our flights do not get cancelled (which is a fairly common occurrence lately). Pray that this time away will be fun and relaxing for all of us.

*Pray for the people of Papua New Guinea. Pray for the people we have already met and the ones we have yet to meet. Pray that we will be receptive to God’s leading as we form relationships and interact with both nationals and missionaries.