Prayer Requests

February 2018

*Pray for Matt as he is officially on his own without a translator or backup while on call. Pray that he will continue to learn the language, as well as the medical needs of the people in PNG. Pray that he will get the necessary experience to learn how to perform C-sections on his own.

*Pray for Matt as he gives his first official sermon in Tok Pisin. He will speak at the hospital chapel on February 19th and at Elizabeth’s bush church sometime in February as well. Pray that God will give him the words to say both literally (in Tok Pisin) as well as spiritually (as he attempts to share the Gospel cross-culturally).

*Pray for me as I discern where / how God is leading me to serve outside of the home. Pray that God will reveal a need and open doors for me to help fill that need. Pray that God will give me peace with my role as mommy and wife first and foremost.

*Pray for the people of Papua New Guinea. Pray for the people we have already met and the ones we have yet to meet. Pray that we will be receptive to God’s leading as we form relationships and interact with both nationals and missionaries.