Prayer Requests

May 2020

*Praise! Thank God for Matt’s health and safety while he served in NYC.

*Pray that Tammy’s entry permit will miraculously make it through the system so that we can return to PNG. Pray for other details regarding our return: tickets and flights, the actual travel during a pandemic, that grocery stores will still be open in PNG following our 2 week quarantine, etc.

*Please pray for the doctors and medical staff at Kudjip who no longer have short-term volunteers present to help out with the work load and may not have any additional doctors for many months. Pray for good health and endurance. Pray that God will meet their needs.

*Pray for PNG and the people there who are experiencing immense fear regarding COVID-19. Pray that God will give them peace, wisdom, and hope in these uncertain times.

*Finally, pray for our world which is broken and hurting. Pray that God will bring peace and hope to those who are feeling fear, anxiety, and disheartened. Pray that Christians around the world will find creative ways to reach out to others and show the love of Christ. Pray for healing.