Prayer Requests

December 2019

*Praise! Our third teacher has arrived! We are so thankful that Kathy finally made it to PNG and has hit the ground running at the school. Ironically enough, it is time for us to begin our teacher search for next school year already. Please pray that God will provide 3 great teachers (1 middle / high school & 2 elementary) for our MK Schools next year (and maybe that their paperwork will be processed a bit more quickly than this year). If you know of someone who might be interested in one of these positions or would like to hang a poster in your church or place of work, please send us an email and we’ll get you additional information.

*Praise! Details for our Home Assignment are falling into place. We have been very blessed by individuals on our Philadelphia District; supplying both a house and a car for our family. Please continue to pray for our family as we transition back to life in the States and raise support during our Home Assignment.

*Pray for Kudjip in our absence. Although we are humble enough to admit that we are a very small piece of this puzzle and are certainly not needed for God to continue working through Kudjip, we have also been here long enough to know the added burden placed on those missionaries who remain on the Field while others go on Home Assignment. Pray that God will provide the workers that are needed, strength, endurance, and peace for our fellow missionaries. Please also pray for the individuals who work for us, as they will have a decrease in income for several months. Pray that God will provide for their families.