Prayer Requests

October 2018

*Thank you for your continued prayers for the missionaries at Kudjip. A few long-term missionaries have returned from Home Assignment, lightening the load of airport runs and construction management. We remain low on doctors, but the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen. 🙂

*Please pray for Matt as he returns to the States for a few days to take his Oral Boards on October 15th. Please pray that his travels will go smoothly and that he will be well-rested for his exam. Please pray that he will do well on his Boards.

*Please continue to pray for Jordan Jonah. Unfortunately, his chemo wasn’t working, so his treatments have been stopped and he is moving toward palliative care. Please pray for Jordan and his family. Please pray for the doctors who have been working closely with him, as it is heart-breaking to know his chances of survival in a developed nation versus here in PNG.

*Please pray for PNG as polio has spread to more areas over the past month. Kudjip saw our first case of polio this past month. Please continue to pray that immunizations (for both polio and other diseases) will be made accessible to the entire country.

*Pray for the people of Papua New Guinea. Pray for the people we have already met and the ones we have yet to meet. Pray that we will be receptive to God’s leading as we form relationships and interact with both nationals and missionaries.